We take pride in the relationships created with our clients and their families and believe that the right support, on and off the ice, will contribute to a player’s overall success, athletically & academically. CEM is committed to the success of its entire roster of young players and strives to empower each player to develop and reach their full potential as elite hockey players.


CEM Advisors are here to assist players in reaching their potential. Also to help guide you in playing in the right league and team to get to the next level. We will be your advocate at each level of your career helping you manage each step of the way.


While there is a lot of debate over which route is the “better” route; it’s the wrong question. Both routes have produced elite level prospects at the pro level; the better question is what do the leagues offer and where are the advantages and disadvantages of both.

It is a complex path to both CHL and NCAA Hockey and yet some basic points are needed to get to this level.

  • NCAA – Solid marks in school – GPA / SAT / ACT
    scores and results.
  • Schools really want a family that cause no issues.
  • Players that prove to be good people off the ice and volunteer etc
  • Hockey players that fit a role and have upside to potentially move on to pro hockey.


The two options available for players are:

  • CHL – major junior hockey in Canada
  • NCAA – Division I or Division III hockey in the US

Both options have multiple ways of getting there. Pathway options also vary based on the players’ nationality and lieu of residence (Canadian vs. American). 

We will review and help you select the right team campus so you are not wasting your time and or money.

CEM has been able to sign 7 NHL entry-level contracts, secure over 50+ NCAA Division 1 scholarships, and facilitate countless players drafted into the CHL.


We are a resource for both amateur and professional hockey players, with specialized recruitment and development services to help players reach the next level of competition. CEM supports players throughout North America and Internationally through a trusted network of scouts, trainers, agents, and player support staff.